Liberal Entertainment Weekly Dubs Obama's 'View' Appearance 'Waste of Time'

Liberal Entertainment Weekly Dubs Obama's 'View' Appearance 'Waste of Time'

It doesn’t take Columbo to note the political bias lurking within most issues of Entertainment Weekly.

The indispensable magazine offers solid Hollywood coverage, but it does so from a reflexively left of center view point.

But even EW couldn’t stomach President Barack Obama’s latest visit to “The View.”

Writer Ken Tucker called Obama’s latest couch check “a waste of time,” imploring the Commander in Chief to skip the talk show circuit entirely and focus on, you know, being president.

At a moment when a New York Times poll says that most people think Obama’s “evolving” position on gay marriage was “mostly for political reasons,” going on places like “The View” just adds to the idea that many public statements are mere media calculations. Had Obama made his gay-marriage announcement on “The View,” that jaded public belief might have been increased. If you’re going to spend time on TV, Mr. President — and Mr. Romney — do us all a favor and skip Whoopi and “The Daily Show” and Jay and Dave and the Jimmys and all the celebrity news anchors on the networks. Just speak to us directly, or engage in debates that are real debates which will allow for considered thought and direct questioning of your opponent’s positions.

Earth to Tucker: When a president has little or no record to run on, thwacking softballs thrown by “The View’s” liberal hosts is about as good as it gets.