Alec Baldwin and Reasoned Discourse

Alec Baldwin and Reasoned Discourse

Alec Baldwin, the phlegmatic artist, had another intelligent conversation with a photographer today. This time, a photographer was standing on the street across from Baldwin’s home the day before Baldwin’s wedding when Baldwin accosted him and grabbed his upper arm. The photographer, who was half a foot shorter, protested, “You’re breaking my arm.” The following exchange occurred among an unseen onlooker, the photographer, and Baldwin:

Onlooker: “Hey, just leave him alone, all right? Just leave him alone, all right?”

Photographer: “You’re breaking my arm here.   Breaking my arm here. “

Baldwin turns and starts to walk away, but then …

Photographer: “All we’re doing is taking your picture.”

Baldwin immediately turns around and decides to get in the little man’s face,  saying:

Baldwin: “I want you to shut the fuck up … get out of here…I want you to get out of here.” 

Photographer: “I’m not doing anything here.”

Baldwin: “Leave my neighbor alone.”

Photographer: “I was just telling you to have a good wedding.”

Baldwin: “Shut up! Shut up! Leave my neighbor alone. Did you hear what I said?  Did you hear what I said?”

Then Baldwin looks at him, disgusted, and hurls the final blow with all his might:

Baldwin: “You little girl.”

And walks away. The photographer could take that as a threat. After all, we know what Baldwin thinks of little girls.