Not Funny: Will Ferrell Wants 75 Percent Tax Rate

Not Funny: Will Ferrell Wants 75 Percent Tax Rate

Comedian Will Ferrell channels his inner John Edwards in the new political comedy “The Campaign.”

The hair is … perfect, and while the film also includes a Tea Party-type candidate the “Saturday Night Live” will tell any press member who will listen that the comedy is a nonpartisan affair.

We’ll have to take his word on the latter since the movie doesn’t open until Aug. 10. But for now we can chew on Ferrell’s assessment of modern tax rates and where he’d like to see them rise if he were in the Oval Office.

TheDC asked Ferrell, who co-hosted a $35,800 per ticket fundraiser for President Barack Obama in February, for his thoughts on Obama’s proposed elimination of Bush-era tax breaks for individuals making over $200,000 per year.

“I think that – I would actually raise the taxes to about 75 percent,” Ferrell said at the screening in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night.

“75 percent – you don’t think that would hurt the economy?” TheDC inquired.

“No, no, no,” Ferrell replied.

The Daily Caller isn’t sure if Ferrell was pulling the publication’s collective leg, but Ferrell’s “Campaign” co-star Zach Galifianakis appears sincere about what impact he hopes the new movie has on viewers.

The “Hangover” star says their movie deals directly with the fallout from the Citizens United case, a cause celebre of liberals who don’t mind unions pumping millions into candidate coffers but cry foul when corporations do the same.