Jack Black Channels Romney for Amused Letterman

Jack Black Channels Romney for Amused Letterman

Mitt Romney won’t take the time to grace David Letterman’s “Late Show” couch. Can you blame the presidential candidate?

Letterman’s show routinely bashes Romney while spinning for Obama. 

That hasn’t stopped Letterman from starting a wholly insincere drive to land Romney as a guest on his program.
Earth to Letterman: Candidates appear on your show to make them look good to potential voters. There’s a spectacular chance you’ll cheap shot Romney or otherwise insult him.

Why in the world would any savvy politician risk that?

So last night’s “Late Show” telecast found what it felt was the next best thing: Jack Black.

The star of “Bernie” attempted to channel Romney, letting himself chat with Letterman as if he were the former Mass. governor himself.

No laughs, but no harm done.

Now, maybe Letterman can drop the charade and go back to ignoring Obama’s stewardship of a train wreck economy or any gaffe that could hurt Obama’s chances at reelection.