New Palace Guard: Defends Obama Video

New Palace Guard: Defends Obama Video

Is in the tank for President Barack Obama just like the rest of the Hollywood industry it covers?

You’d think so after reading the site’s loopy article this morning trying to spin away the damaging video of then-Sen. Barack Obama from back in 2007.

The speech in question featured Obama, doing the kind of accent that would have Mitt Romney removed from public life in a heartbeat, stoking racial fears, giving props to his hateful pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright and blasting the suburbs. He’s also shown using inaccurate information to deem the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina racist.

It’s a deeply ugly, divisive speech from a candidate sold to the public as a uniter.

Despite the Daily Caller’s suggestion that the video is some kind of great find, it isn’t: It’s from 2007, when Obama was very much running for president. And the many news outlets covered the speech when he delivered it.

Obama’s speech was covered by the media at the time, but the Obama-worshiping press excised most, if not all, of the most incendiary material. Can’t have those undecided voters getting negative information about Obama, can we?’s Tim Molloy is in full Palace Guard mode much like his peers. Nothing to see here, voters. Please go back to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment.

The funniest part of Molloy’s weaker than weak tea defense is how he excuses Obama, who didn’t grow up in the American South, taking on a Southern-style dialect. Hey, other politicians have done the same!

Steve Forbes, Ralph Nader, Christie Todd Whitman and Pat Buchanan attempted slangly PSAs on “Da Ali G Show.”

So, Molloy compares a comedy sketch to speaking to an audience on a broad range of hot button issues.

Looks like’s Palace Guard behavior needs some fine tuning.