Trailer Talk: 'Broken City' Could be One of 2013's Best Bets

Trailer Talk: 'Broken City' Could be One of 2013's Best Bets

Director Allen Hughes pits Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe against one another in “Broken City,” a new thriller set to hit theaters early next year.

Synopsis:  An ex-cop trailing the wife of New York City’s mayor finds himself immersed in a larger scandal.

Thoughts: Who doesn’t like a conspiracy movie with a hero who doesn’t realize he’s the target until it’s too late? Then we get to watch the Everyman rise up and take out those who thought they had power and control over others.

Wahlberg has already proven to be an expert at such roles in films like “Shooter” and “The Italian Job.” In this trailer, he looks a little more macho than some of those previous parts. He shouldn’t have much problem getting the audience on his side. And Crowe as the string-pulling mayor? Do I need to say anything more than that?

After a few false starts, Hughes (“From Hell,” “The Book of Eli”) will finally present “Broken City” to the world. Hughes (one half of the Hughes Brothers team behind “Menace II Society”) is highly underrated, and this looks like another strong showing for him. It’s nice to see films that look this good coming out in the midst of the endless remakes and sequels we see today.

“Broken City” hits theaters Jan. 18, 2013.