Hollywood to America: It's OK to Vote for Romney

Hollywood to America: It's OK to Vote for Romney

Hollywood will always be President Barack Obama’s town, no matter how badly the economy slumps under his watch.

What we’re witnessing just a month before the election, though, are signs Obama’s near-monolithic support in the entertainment industry is crumbling.

In short, it’s OK to vote for Obama’s opponent, GOP nominee Mitt Romney, come Nov. 6.

“Clueless” star Stacey Dash made that point by switching party allegiances via Twitter. An actress of color who remembers crying with joy during Obama’s inauguration will now pull the lever for Romney. And she’s brave enough to post her feelings on social media despite the expected backlash.

Kid Rock, a singer whose politics are hard to pin down, also embraced the notion of a country with slavery in its past could elect a black man as president. What Kid Rock can’t ignore are the lack of results from Obama’s first term, a key reason he’s currently on the road with GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Author Buzz Bissinger of “Friday Night Lights” fame makes no bones about being a lifelong Democrat. Bissinger watched the first of three presidential debates last week and will now break free from his party in order to vote for Romney next month.

The entertainment world has always had a few Republican stalwarts, from Robert Duvall to Kelsey Grammer. Now, left-leaning celebrities are letting us know it’s OK to entertain for a living while choosing the GOP to save a damaged nation.