Maybe We Can?: Obama Celebs Lacking Passion

Maybe We Can?: Obama Celebs Lacking Passion

I’m no A-lister, but if someone asked me to star in a video for the President’s reelection campaign I’d probably comb my hair. I might even shave.

Consider those grooming niceties while watching “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm in a new video supporting President Barack Obama’s bid for four more years.

Weak, right?

Maybe Hamm was going for something casual. Instead, he achieved the, “just rolled out of bed and forgot I had to go promote a failed president” look. Even the camera angle is unflattering.

Hamm’s video is the “Citizen Kane” of campaign ads compare to this celebrity-filled clip.

To be fair, this pro-voting shtick starring the gang from the “Hangover” franchise is more entertaining than “The Hangover: Part II.” Faint praise.

So what gives? When did “Hope and Change” become “Shrug and Go Through the Motions” in liberal Hollywood?