Exclusive Book Preview: Greg Gutfeld's 'The Joy of Hate'

Exclusive Book Preview: Greg Gutfeld's 'The Joy of Hate'

Tuesday, November 13 marks the release of Greg Gutfeld’s The Joy of Hate, which you can pre-order right now. Literally, you can click the blue link in the first sentence or this blue link, and in several days (depending on your choice of shipping), you can be reading what is inarguably positioned to be one of the most highly recommended books of the upcoming holiday season. 

“I, for one, cannot recommend this book strongly enough, and it has nothing to do with my relationship with the author.”  –Greg Gutfeld

It was this kind of humility, along with a strangely incisive point of view, that caused Andrew Breitbart to ascribe to Greg a unique ability to affect young people by proving it’s cool to be a conservative.

The Joy of Hate is dedicated to Andrew, and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at a chapter entirely devoted to him, appropriately called “The Bard of Brentwood.”