Matt Damon Voted for Obama Despite First-Term Criticisms

Matt Damon Voted for Obama Despite First-Term Criticisms

Matt Damon, who thought President Barack Obama didn’t veer as far left in his first-term as he would have wanted, revealed a real shocker: he voted for Obama in 2012. Damon said sheepishly, “I voted for him. Absolutely, I voted for him.”

It’s always a shock when leftists who say they are disappointed in Obama’s inability to turn the U.S. into Soviet Russia still support him, but then, after all, Lenin and Stalin are dead.

Damon had lambasted Obama last year for not eviscerating Wall Street, blurting out: “You know, a one-term president with some balls who actually got stuff done would have been, in the long run of the country, much better.”

He is certainly right about the lack of cojones; Obama is famous for hiding behind the adulatory media, Hillary Clinton’s skirt or bodies he has thrown under the bus when he gets in trouble.

Damon not only works in La-La Land, he does believe in rainbows and gumdrops too:

“I’m a perennial optimist. So I’m very hopeful that this second term is going be a great one and that we’re going to see who he is and he’s going to make a lot of people’s lives a lot better. That’s my true hope.”

Damon and John Krasinski, his co-star in the new film “Promised Land,” both supported Great Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren; they joined with Ben Affleck in hosting a fundraiser for her. “Promised Land” vilifies “fracking,” a method that drills for natural gas that environmentalists hysterically denounce. Krasinski said the reason he made the movie was to decry Washington “gridlock”:

We have a group of people in the House and the Senate who are actually willing to throw away any progress for one side or the other just to win a point for an imaginary team that none of us really belongs to. So that’s the upsetting thing.

Funny how the Left only complains about gridlock when they can’t get their own way.  

If Damon and Krasinski cared that deeply about how natural gas is obtained, surely they could donate their public statements; there’s enough gas to go around.