Jackie Chan Down on Freedom, 'Rush Hour' Trilogy

Jackie Chan Down on Freedom, 'Rush Hour' Trilogy

International action star Jackie Chan used movies like “Rumble in the Bronx” and the “Rush Hour” trilogy to secure his United States fame. Turns out he’s not a huge fan of the freedoms Americans cherish regarding the right to protest government.

“Hong Kong has become a city of protest marches — that’s what the world has been saying,” he said in an interview with the Guangzhou-based magazine Southern People Weekly. “In the past it was Korea, now it’s Hong Kong. [Demonstrators were] scolding China, scolding [the country’s] leaders, scolding everything. We should have rules dictating what [issues people] can march for, and which they can’t.”

Chan also shared some less than flattering remarks about his “Rush Hour” movies which teamed him with livewire comic Chris Tucker.

“I have reasons to do each film, I have something to say. Unlike Rush Hour – there was no reason [in making it], you just give me the money and I’m fine. I dislike Rush Hour the most, but ironically it sold really well in the U.S. and Europe,” said Chan, who made two more sequels of the film in 2002 and 2008 and is reportedly planning to make a fourth.

Chan has repeatedly warned he will be retiring from action movies, a promise he renewed earlier this year. He just wants to be an Asian Robert De Niro, he says. Of course, a “Rush Hour 4” would look rather silly if he turned the franchise into a violence-free affair.