'Promised Land' Star Says Film Not 'One-Sided, Uber-Liberal Anti-Fracking Movie

'Promised Land' Star Says Film Not 'One-Sided, Uber-Liberal Anti-Fracking Movie

Hollywood actors have no qualms about bringing their liberal ideology to the big screen again and again.

Yet when it’s time to hit the promotional circuit, the very same actors will pretend their work is as fair and balanced as possible.

Consider John Krasinski, the co-star and co-writer of the new anti-fracking film “Promised Land.” His movie paints a natural gas company as manipulative, cunning and willing to throw money at problems to make them go away. The good guys fear the fracking process will ruin their lands, while the corporate types talk in practiced double speak while trying to cheat landowners out of their fair share of profits.

Hardly fair and balanced, right?

Krasinski tells TheWrap.com the movie is getting a bad wrap.

“I’m willing to have any conversation with anyone after they’ve seen it, because I think that they’ll be very surprised as to what the movie is really about,” Krasinski said. “I don’t think either of us were interested in telling a very one-sided, uber-liberal anti-fracking movie because that would just be boring. The truth lies so much closer to the middle than either end of the extreme.”

Even liberal film critics are blowing the whistle on “Promised Land,” acknowledging how much they agree with its anti-fracking posture but decrying its overt political sloganeering.

Why can’t Krasinski just tell interviews he’s against the process of fracking and that he hopes his movie changes a few hearts and minds? Perhaps the film might sell a few less tickets?