Ka-Ching: Selling 'Les Miz' to Christian Audiences Pays Off

Ka-Ching: Selling 'Les Miz' to Christian Audiences Pays Off

The film version of the beloved musical “Les Misérables” boasts plenty of box office-friendly attributes.

Name recognition is through the roof, the film’s cast features some of today’s most charismatic actors and the production is unlike any other film currently playing in theaters.

The minds behind the film’s marketing efforts took one extra measure to ensure its success, and its paying off handsomely.

The story in “Les Misérables” is heavy with Christian themes of grace, mercy and redemption. The line everyone seems to remember is “to love another person is to see the face of God.”

NBC Universal looked to capitalize on those components and promoted the film to pastors, Christian radio hosts and influence-makers in the Christian community.

The result? “Les Misérables” has already earned $80 million at the box office since its Christmas Day release, and that’s despite massive competition from “Django Unchained,” “The Hobbit” and “Jack Reacher.”

It’s hardly an isolated incident. “The Passion of the Christ” proved faith-friendly fare could yield blockbusters as well as costumed clad avengers. Even small films like “Fireproof” have shown studios the wisdom of appealing to Christian crowds.