'SNL' Star Says Hillary Clinton Sexiest Woman of 21st Century

'SNL' Star Says Hillary Clinton Sexiest Woman of 21st Century

Liberals have spent years praising Hillary Clinton, calling her smart, tough and tenacious. Did it matter that her record of accomplishment in office was wafer-thin, or that the media is currently letting her skirt blame for the Benghazi debacle?

“Saturday Night Live” star Seth Meyers is adding a new compliment to the liberal talking points to describe the outgoing Secretary of State.


And we don’t think Meyers is trying to be funny.

“I think somebody who is getting sexier every year is Hillary Clinton,” the “SNL” star told the magazine. “Every year she seems better at whatever she’s doing. By the end of the millennium, she’s gonna have it locked down.”

It’s a similar refrain we keep hearing about President Barack Obama from the Left. He’s getting better … you ain’t seen nothin’ yet … watch out for that second term, it’s gonna be historic.

Meyers is the same “SNL” player and scribe who heaped praise on Obama for being smooth and chuckled over the notion of targeting Mitt Romney’s grown children for humor.