'Babe' Actor Arrested Protesting Alleged Cat Torture

'Babe' Actor Arrested Protesting Alleged Cat Torture

Veteran actor James Cromwell’s most visible role came when he starred alongside a lovable pig in Babe. This week, Cromwell went to bat for our feline friends along with a representative from PETA and soon found himself in handcuffs.

PETA caught it all on tape, meaning it’s likely Cromwell’s arrest went exactly as planned.

James Cromwell has been arrested after bursting into a board meeting at the University of Wisconsin and claiming the school tortures cats for scientific research….

Animal rights organisation PETA claims that 30 cats a year are starved, deafened and decapitated at the university. What’s more, the school has not even achieved its goals of improving human hearing with the research. UW-Madison denies the accusations.

Cromwell is a self-described “radical progressive” who supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.