Maya Angelou Admits She Likes Guns, Once Fired at an Intruder

Maya Angelou Admits She Likes Guns, Once Fired at an Intruder

When push comes to shove, even someone like poet Maya Angelou, a favorite of President Barack Obama’s who has spent her professional life urging love for all humanity, will acknowledge that gun ownership is a good thing.

Interviewed by Time Magazine, Angelou, who has decried the use of guns, suddenly admitted that she not only likes guns, but actually fired on someone she thought was an intruder:

TIME: Your mother — she was your protector. She often carried a gun, she seemed to be very fond of guns. Did you inherit your mother’s fondness for guns?

MAYA ANGELOU: Well, I do like to have guns around, I don’t like to carry them. But I like — if somebody is going to come into my house and I have not put out the welcome mat, I want to stop them.

TIME: Have you ever fired a weapon?

ANGELOU: Of course!

TIME: At a person?

ANGELOU: I’ve fired it period, not at a person I hope!  I was in my house in North Carolina. It was fall. I heard someone walking on the leaves. And somebody actually turned the knob. So I said, “Stand four feet back because I’m going to shoot now!” Boom! Boom! The police came by and said, “Ms. Angelou, the shots came from inside the house.” I said, “Well, I don’t know how that happened.”

Yet this is the same woman who appeared on Politics Nation with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Feb. and responded to the host’s question about what she would say to Americans about gun violence:

We have the right to respect and protect our children. And we ought to do so. And we ought to look at the guns which allow the madman and the madwoman to kill off 200 of our children or 50 of our children or 20 or one. We have to look at that and say now, really, do we really have enough nerve to say stop it? Stop it. This won`t do.

It’s always interesting how those who decry the use of guns react when confronted with imminent danger.