Hollywood Ignores Victims of Pigford Fraud

Hollywood Ignores Victims of Pigford Fraud

The Pigford saga offers a perfect storm of injustice–minority farmers as victims, greedy lawyers and massive government waste.

So you’d think members of the celebrity community would rally to expose the matter. You know, Pigford-themed ribbons worn at awards presentations, fiery Twitter pleads for justice and maybe even a documentary or two to help right the wrongs. Perhaps even a lone celebrity might pick up the cause and stir the cages in good, ol’ fashioned Fight the Power spirit.

Could it be that Hollywood stayed silent because Andrew Breitbart led the charge against the fraud-laden matter? Or, did the notion of ugly racial politics keep their voices mute? What about the connection between the fraud and both the Clinton and Obama administrations? Perhaps the media’s virtual blackout of the matter until recently is the real culprit.

Either way, the cumulative silence coming from actors who pride themselves on standing up for the little guy will likely continue even after the august Gray Lady weighed in officially on the matter at long last.