Bret Easton Ellis Savages Media, GLAAD for 'Corporate PC Fascism'

Bret Easton Ellis Savages Media, GLAAD for 'Corporate PC Fascism'

Bret Easton Ellis is fed up with how the media and groups like GLAAD treat gay people in the public arena.

Ellis, the gay author behind Less than Zero and American Psycho, routinely goes against conventional wisdom regarding gay issues. His new op-ed slams the “corporate PC fascism” overseeing the national conversation on gay matters.

The spark that ignited his fury? Pro basketball player Jason Collins’ decision to out himself as a gay athlete. 

Was I the only gay man of a certain demo who experienced a flicker of annoyance in the way the media treated Jason Collins as some kind of baby panda who needed to be honored and praised and consoled and–yes–infantilized by his coming out on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

….The reign of The Gay Man as Magical Elf, who whenever he comes out appears before us as some kind of saintly E.T. whose sole purpose is to be put in the position of reminding us only about Tolerance and Our Own Prejudices and To Feel Good About Ourselves and to be a symbol instead of just being a gay dude, is–lamentably–still in media play….

Ellis also targets the ABC sitcom Modern Family for its saintly portrayal of a gay couple, just one example of how the media interprets gay issues.

But being “real” and “human” (i.e. flawed) is not necessarily what The Gay Gatekeepers want straight culture to see.