'The Daily Show' Uses 'Turd' Metaphor to Attack Sarah Palin

'The Daily Show' Uses 'Turd' Metaphor to Attack Sarah Palin

The Daily Show’s fill-in host John Oliver threw pounds of red meat at its liberal base Monday night.

That meant insulting former Gov. Sarah Palin with an expletive-laced segment in which Oliver loosely compared the Tea Party favorite to excrement.

“Sarah Palin has been hired back by Fox News … she’s now effectively quit quitting,” Oliver cried.

He then played a collection of micro-clips of Palin on the news channel, ignoring the content of what she said to focus on two rhymes she used to critique the Obama administration.

Oliver declared Palin’s new Fox News gig a cry for attention, promising he wouldn’t focus on her any more.

“This is exactly what she wants. Just because I’ve walked into a turd supermarket doesn’t mean I have to buy anything … wait a second, we can just ignore her” he said.