Andy Dick Heads West After NY Meltdown

Andy Dick Heads West After NY Meltdown

Comedian Andy Dick is leaving the East Coast behind, but can the troubled star also jettison his headline-making ways?

Dick, who has been open about his troubles with addiction, apparently went on a drunken rampage recently in the Hamptons. Turns out that was just part of the trouble he caused, according to The New York Post.

He was also seen walking stark naked down a street in Montauk in daylight, heading for a morning swim with another man in a bathing suit, after he’d crashed at a Hamptons share-house. Another Hamptons source said he’d wet their guest bed and left urine-soaked underwear on their floor….

A concerned friend said they put Dick on a plane to LA Tuesday. But his next stop might not have been the best for the hard-partying comedian who’d impressively managed to stay sober during his “DWTS” run after publicly promising before starting the ABC series, “Am I going to be showing up on the dance floor with my penis in my hand? That’s not going to be happening….”

The friend of Dick, who has reportedly been in rehab multiple times, said yesterday, “He’s fallen off the wagon. But he’s trying to get better. He wants to stay clean, and he had a slip.