Transgender Celebrity Sues BET Network for Discrimination

Transgender Celebrity Sues BET Network for Discrimination

B. Scott, (born Brandon Sessions) who is transgendered, has brought a $2.5 million lawsuit against the BET network, according to the Hollywood Reporter. He asserts that when the network hired him as Style Stage Correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards 106 and Park Pre-Show, they knew, and their corporate boss, Viacom, knew of who he was and what he was. 

In the lawsuit, B.Scott alleges:

After his first segment, B. Scott was literally yanked backstage and told that he “wasn’t acceptable.” B. Scott was told to mute the makeup, pull back his hair and was forced to remove his clothing and take off his heels; thereby completely changing his gender identity and expression. They forced him to change into solely men’s clothing, different from the androgynous style he’s used to, which he was uncomfortable with.

The lawsuit states that B. Scott was having dinner with Mariah Carey, Rachel McIntosh, Liron Dagan, Randy Jackson and Stephen Hill, president of programming and specials at BET, when the notion came up that Hill should hire B.Scott to be at the BET Awards, and Hill agreed. 

The lawsuit adds that later B. Scott was told that BET liked his “look from the dinner party.” B. Scott said his previous appearances on 106 and Park didn’t occasion any displeasure, but he was ordered to change at the BET awards. His attorney, Waukeen McCoy stated, “BET and Viacom’s actions publicly and privately humiliated B. Scott and subjected him to ridicule and unfair treatment on the basis of his gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Image source: TransGriot blog