Colin Quinn Says Hollywood 'Selectively Brazen … Selectively Honest'

Colin Quinn Says Hollywood 'Selectively Brazen … Selectively Honest'

Comedian Colin Quinn is getting to know the Constitution one show at a time.

The gruff stand-up, a former Saturday Night Live player, is the driving force behind the one-man show Unconstitutional. He spoke with The Roanoke Times about his 75-minute show as well as the true nature of Hollywood.

During the interview Quinn lamented the death of a TV project he worked on regarding immigration. The entertainment industry, he says, didn’t want to go near the material. That caught the interviewer off guard, saying he assumed Hollywood to be a “brazen” place.

Quinn begs to differ.

They’re selectively brazen and selectively honest. There’s a lot of very edited edginess … we’re going to push the envelope, but only by what we think is acceptable. Everybody has their limits, even them.