Mormon Indie Becomes Latest Faith-Based Sleeper

Mormon Indie Becomes Latest Faith-Based Sleeper

Faith-based films no longer shock Hollywood when they earn double or triple their budgets at the box office. Consider the runaway success of Fireproof, a film lacking bankable stars that trumped many mainstream movies all the same.

The new Mormon-friendly film The Saratov Approach is different.

The film grossed nearly $500,000 in two weeks on just 23 screens without an element critical to the success of other faith-based projects. Mormons don’t look kindly on the sort of spiritual cross promotion common in the Christian community, according to Variety.

Instead, Purdie and producer-actor Maclain Nelson attribute the film’s appeal to younger auds to word-of-mouth based primarily on the film’s real-life modern story, as opposed to the more traditional films about the Mormon religion….

The story centers on Mormon missionaries, Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst, who made global headlines in 1998 when they were abducted, tortured and held hostage for nearly a week in Saratov, Russia.