Stephen Colbert Can't Mock ObamaCare, Just Its Critics

Stephen Colbert Can't Mock ObamaCare, Just Its Critics

Stephen Colbert isn’t officially on the celebrity Enroll America bandwagon, but he deserves to be riding up front.

The host of Comedy Centrals’ The Colbert Report proved once more Wednesday night that when it comes to protecting the president against his signature achievement he’ll do whatever is necessary–even if it means calling the official ObamaCare web site “fixed.” 

Tell that to Hill staffers who were instructed not to trust the material on the D.C. ObamaCare site. Or the security professionals who fear remains a hackers dream. Or those who think they’ve signed up via the web site but might start the new year sans health insurance.

Colbert’s “fixed” line would be funny if the stakes weren’t so high.

Colbert also mocked Fox News host Mike Huckabee for unveiling a song parody tweaking ObamaCare, essentially ridiculed anyone who would dare speak out against the legislation. So Colbert decided to cut a few songs of his own on the subject.

One of the songs on Colbert’s own ObamaCare parody album is Feliz Death Panel, a title meant to swipe Sarah Palin for using that phrase during the debate over the health care reform proposal. Colbert and his audience titter away at the joke, ignoring how Time reporter Mark Halperin confirmed the death panel allegation during an appearance on MSNBC, of all places. 

Colbert also mentions Obama’s health care lie–if you like your plan you can keep it–with a smirk as if anyone would be foolish to hold the president accountable for his promises.

Good thing Colbert reminded us earlier this year that his program doesn’t have an ideological bent.