James Cameron to Receive 25 Percent Tax Break for 'Avatar' Sequels

James Cameron to Receive 25 Percent Tax Break for 'Avatar' Sequels

Director James Cameron spread his liberal beliefs through the massively popular Avatar.

Now, the director is set to score a sweet deal to shoot the film’s three sequels in New Zealand thanks to brand new rules that will net his productions a 25 percent tax rebate.

In an agreement with the New Zealand government, the first one to benefit from this is Cameron. He announced that his three upcoming Avatar films will spend at least NZ $500m (US $412m) in the country in return for a tax rebate of 25%.

Cameron, like many Hollywood power players, routinely take advantage of tax breaks for their work while espousing progressive views on economic matters.

Avatar cast the U.S. military in a negative light while cheering on a native population that cared deeply about the environment. The director promises that sustainability message will be seen in the new Avatar films. He also is behind an upcoming climate change documentary series on Showtime to air in 2014, but a few years back the director backed out of a debate with a global warming skeptic and has been dubbed an “eco-hypocrite” for his lavish lifestyle.