'Key & Peele' Star: Obama 'Calm, Reasonable, Smooth, Levelheaded, Competent'

'Key & Peele' Star: Obama 'Calm, Reasonable, Smooth, Levelheaded, Competent'

Most comedians have given President Barack Obama a comedy pass for five-plus years.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele go far beyond that. The stars of the hit Comedy Central show Key & Peele actively defend Obama from criticism, using their sketches to defend, not tweak, the most powerful person on the planet.

Now, thanks to a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, we know why.

The publication quizzes the duo about their recurring Obama sketch featuring Luther, the president’s “Anger Translator, who says what Obama may actually be thinking.

Were you surprised that the Obama/Luther sketches hit such a nerve?

KEY: We were trying to solve a comedic problem: How do you make fun of this man who is calm, reasonable, smooth, levelheaded, competent? Of course, we hoped it would be successful, but I don’t know that we ever thought that he’d ever see it. What a gift for us to have actual confirmation.

We anxiously await more Obama/Luther sketches depicting the president’s competent approach to taking over 1/6th of the economy via ObamaCare.