James Cameron's Wife: Meat Eaters Aren't True Environmentalists

James Cameron's Wife: Meat Eaters Aren't True Environmentalists

Suzy Amis-Cameron, the actress/wife of avowed environmentalist James Cameron, has some bad news for meat eaters who love Mother Earth.

You can’t enjoy a steak and say you’re an environmentalist. Period.

Amis runs a special school dedicated, in part, to sustainability. She spoke recently about her green measures, and why those who eat meat are hurting the cause.

Suzy and James — environmentalist vegans themselves (though James didn’t make that decision until after Avatar) — see plant-based diets as the biggest thing someone can do to reduce his or her footprint. “You can’t really call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals,” Amis-Cameron says. “You just can’t.

Cameron has come under fire in recent years for his eco-hypocrisy. The famed director used his laat megahit, Avatar, to promote environmental causes. And he took part in Showtime’s recent climate change series Years of Living Dangerously. Yet his personal wealth allows him to afford a number of energy-gulping excesses, including several inefficient cars and massive homes.

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