Jimmy Fallon's 'Dumb' Joe Biden Sketch: Setting Late Night Meme?

Jimmy Fallon's 'Dumb' Joe Biden Sketch: Setting Late Night Meme?

Jimmy Fallon unveiled a sketch Tuesday that mocked Vice President Joe Biden’s intelligence. Did The Tonight Show host just set the comedy template for Biden’s 2016 presidential push?

Late night comics pummeled President George W. Bush’s intelligence for eight years, a meme that certainly hurt how the public perceived the president.

Could the same happen to Biden?

Fallon unveiled his latest “Pros and Cons” sketch last night, one arguing both sides of a possible Biden presidency. The jokes stuck to a similar theme–Biden isn’t bright, and he’s an arrested adolescent case. Here’s one example:

Pro: Watching him put his right hand on the Bible to recite the Presidential Oath.

Con: Watching him make L’s with both hands to figure out which is right and which is left.

Biden may be a supersonic gaffe machine, but he’s not dumb. That won’t matter if Fallon’s sketch catches fire. The Tonight Show posted the sketch on YouTube earlier today, and it already attracted nearly 10,000 views. If there’s one thing Fallon knows, it’s how to make a comedy sketch go viral.

Many assume that Hillary Clinton will not only run for the White House in 2016, but that she’ll easily snare her party’s nomination over any potential challengers. That may not stop Biden. He’s made a series of remarks in recent weeks suggesting he’s ready to take on Clinton should it come to that.

Fallon’s sketch, by itself, won’t impact that decision. Should Fallon and his late night peers pick up on this meme–that could be a different story.