Chris Rock on 'SNL': Dumbing Down 'Edgy'

Chris Rock on 'SNL': Dumbing Down 'Edgy'

Chris Rock is a very talented, very funny comedian who has done some edgy work in the past. Making jokes about the new Freedom Tower, the Boston Marathon bombing, and opposition to gun control is not edgy. We know this because All The Right People are praising Rock for being edgy … and doing so without irony.

“Edgy” has a potential downside.

“Edgy” offends All The Right People.

“Edgy” would have Deadline Hollywood seething, not cheering. 

Wake me when Rock goes after actual sacred cows and takes a real risk with mockery of gun control, gay marriage, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham or the left-wing fascists who would criticize and attempt to ruin his career if he truly attempted “edgy.”

Rock was, as always, very funny Saturday night. But he was about as edgy as a water balloon.

This NSFW clip is edgy, and almost cost Kinison his career. It’s also two of the most brilliant minutes of comedy you will ever see:


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