Sia Apologizes for Controversial Music Video: ‘I Anticipated Some ‘Pedophilia!’

Los Angeles, CA

Australian singer Sia’s music video for the single “Elastic Heart” has divided the Internet this week due to its portrayal of  half-nude Shia Labeouf and 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler trapped together in a large cage, leading the artist to issue an apology on her Twitter page Wednesday night, saying she expected some “pedophilia” cries.

In the music video, which made its debut Wednesday morning, the odd duo is seen covered in dirt and wearing flesh-colored underwear as they playfully engage one another through an interpretative dance, which is choreographed to the track’s music.

Despite what some Twitter users describe as harmless and artistic, others have flooded Sia with negative comments, and have befitted the video, which already has four million views on Youtube, as an endorsement of pedophilia.

Sia responded and apologized: