Howard Dean Refuses to Apologize to ‘Right Wing Nut Jobs’ for ‘American Sniper’ Insult

Paul Sancya/Associated Press
Paul Sancya/Associated Press
Los Angeles, CA

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on Tuesday, where he issued a faux apology for describing people who go to see American Sniper as “angry.”

Dean responded to a question from Matthews about his comment, where he told the host, “I’m going to do something which I’ve almost never done in politics, I’ll apologize to the veterans. I haven’t seen the movie, and I think it was wrong.”

He continued: “I make no apologies to all the thousands of right-wing nut jobs who have been Twittering me with nasty language, but I do apologize to the veterans. We owe them a lot and I think this movie was much more nuanced than I thought.”

Dean, who has been known to act like this, went on to describe his critics as “chicken hawks” and said he had “no respect for them.”

On last Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Dean was critical of late SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle and his Clint Eastwood-directed biopic. He said:

There’s a lot of anger in this country and the people who go see this movie are people who are very angry, and this guy basically says I’m going to fight on your side and they bite for it. I think there’s some — I bet if you looked at a cross-section of the tea party and people who go see this movie, there’s a lot of intersection.

Watch the former Vermont Governor’s “apology” below: