Rapper Arrested After Brutally Punching Female Fan on Stage

AP/Mark J.Terrill
AP/Mark J.Terrill
Biloxi, MS

Rapper Afroman, best known for his 2001 single “Because I Got High,” was arrested in Biloxi, MS on Tuesday night for punching a female fan in the face.

Afroman, legally named Joseph Edgar Foreman, was playing his electric guitar before a crowd of fans when a woman entered the stage and began dancing. Without warning, Foreman used his picking hand to lay a devastating blow to the woman’s face.

He is seen on amateur video swinging around his body, and striking the woman directly in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Watch, courtesy of TMZ:

TMZ reports that the woman was left crying and bleeding and eventually made her way off the ground on her own, but that the now 40-year-old artist continued to perform until police stopped the show and escorted him offstage.

Afroman was handcuffed outside the venue and arrested on assault charges before being released after paying a $330 bond.

A representative told TMZ the incident was “totally out of character” for Afroman, and that he reacted without knowing whether he was hitting a man or a woman.