Pentagon to Suspend Effort to Collect from California’s Soldiers

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Wednesday that he was ordering the Pentagon to suspend its efforts to take back cash bonuses for re-enlistment that were paid to thousands of soldiers from the California National Guard serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Fox News reported.

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Cal National Guard Demands Return of 10,000 Enlistment Bonuses

About 10,000 California Army National Guard members have been ordered to return enlistment bonuses of $15,000 or more they accepted from military recruiters that committed fraud at the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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Canadian Eco-Rapper Crowdfunds Climate Change Hip-Hop Album

The makers of the world’s most embarrassing ever pop albums now have some serious competition. A Canadian rapper called Baba Brinkman is crowdfunding a “scientifically peer-reviewed” record on climate change with which he hopes to defeat sceptics through the medium

Baba Brinkman

Ben Carson Launches Rap Ad Targeting Black Voters

In an effort to reach young black voters, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is rolling out a new rap ad in a number of nationwide urban communities, ABC News reports.

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Obama: ‘I Cannot Rap’

“My rapping skills are terrible, that’s one thing I can’t do is rap,” he said to the group, as he prepared to give the microphone back to rapper Wale, who performed at the event. “I like rap, but cannot rap,” Obama said.

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Rapper Records Entire Album at NYC Apple Store

Musicians today are living and working in a time where it’s never been easier to record music; digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton and Logic cost just a few hundred bucks, and simple microphones and interfaces can be gotten off


Lena Dunham Goes Full-Tipper Gore Against Hip-Hop

Although she falsely accused a man of raping her, and refuses to protect other women by filing charges against her rapist, Lena Dunham was still honored by Variety as a sexual assault role model over the weekend. During her speech,