Kid Rock Flaunts New Fur Coat, Slams Hollywood: ‘They Don’t Dictate the Real World’

TMZ video
TMZ video
New York, NY

Free speech proponent and musician Kid Rock spoke to TMZ in New York City on Tuesday night, where, in addition to showing off his new fur coat, he spoke about American Sniper’s Oscar snub, hunting, and his favorite film.

While smoking a cigar, Kid was asked about the inspiration behind his latest album, First Kiss, but instead of answering the question, he interrupted to talk about his new fur.

“I’m not sure about that question, but this is an otter skin jacket, for the animal activists, and I had it stitch[ed] so it says, ‘completely otter my mind,” he said.

(Kid Rock was previously married to PETA activist Pamela Anderson.)

TMZ then asked the rocker if he killed the otter himself, to which he replied, “I did not, but I would.”

He also stated that he prefers to shoot with a .270, and that his daughter is the bow and arrow aficionado of the family.

When asked about American Sniper not winning a major award at this year’s Oscars, Kid got serious: “We all know that Hollywood does not dictate what goes on in the real world in America.”

He also credited Ted Nugent with teaching his daughter to bow hunt, stated that his favorite all-time film is Forrest Gump, and described “selfies” as, “so gay.”

Watch Kid Rock’s entire TMZ street interview below: