Jerry Seinfeld Trashes YouTube: ‘A Giant Garbage Can’

New York, NY

Jerry Seinfeld has better things to do than watch your shaky cat videos on YouTube.

The legendary comic spoke to a crowded New York theater Tuesday at an Upfront event for Sony’s Crackle streaming service, the home of his popular Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and shared his opinions of the video sharing site, as well as the future of streaming services.

When quizzed about seeing lower quality online content, Seinfeld told the crowd “the less the better,” according to TubeFilter.

“I don’t want to see this crap. We have a giant garbage can called YouTube for user-generated content,” Seinfeld continued. “We’re trying to generate a little higher level. I think show business is for talent, that’s who should be in it. But let’s keep it in its hierarchy. And I like being at the top of the pyramid.”

Jerry also told the audience he feels the Internet is the future of entertainment.

“TV is over,” he said.

“When you get to a certain point in the business, what a man is looking for in a network is the same as in his underwear. A little bit of support and a little bit of freedom,” he said. “That’s exactly what Crackle offered… There’s nothing different about what we’re doing than what anyone else is doing on any media anywhere. TV networks are worried that you’ll figure out TV is over and there’s nothing special about it.”

“That’s why I’m at Crackle,” he said, before also informing the crowd his online show recently reached 100 million monthly viewers.

The Crackle video streaming service is set to begin operating like a traditional television network next month. The website reportedly will run a constant video stream of programming on a set schedule, executives said Tuesday. Users will be given the option between the new constant stream, or the original pick your programming format.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee returns for season 6 on June 4, and will feature Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and others as guests.