Seth Meyers Attacks ‘Clinton Cash’ Without Disclosing His Conflict of Interest


Seth Meyers, the host of NBC’s “Late Night,” spent much of Thursday night pretending to be a mash-up of Jon Stewart and James Carville. Meyers used his “entertainment” podium to launch into an intellectually dishonest attack against “Clinton Cash,” and more specifically, its author Peter Schweizer. The attacks were pure Clintonista. Meyers dismissed and ignored inconvenient facts while Schweizer was personally attacked with intentional lies of omission.

Meyers consciously chose to keep his audience ignorant of the fact that Schweizer’s next investigation will look at the finances of Republican Jeb Bush, and that in the past Schweizer has been a frequent critic of both Democrats and Republicans — especially when it comes to financial corruption. Schweizer’s “Throw Them All Out,” which exposed congressional insider trading,  went so hard after Alabama Republican Spencer Bachus, the then-chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee resigned.

Most glaring is the fact that Meyers obviously did not want his audience to know about his own close connections to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton family charity at the root of many of the shady dealings detailed in “Clinton Cash,” and by such right-wing outlets as “The New York Times,” “The Washington Post,” and Reuters.

Just last year, Meyers agreed to host the 2014 Clinton Global Citizen Awards. As Ace of Spades noted via Twitter, Meyers benefited from a “big stack of that sweet Clinton Uranium Money” and didn’t find that fact relevant enough to reveal to his audience.


Even Meyers’ jokes at the Clinton awards ceremony reeked of sycophancy: “President Clinton is here….and so is Bill.”

Bottom line: Seth Meyers is a liar.


NOTE: Big, big hat tip to @back_ttys. 


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