New USA Series ‘Mr. Robot’ Ad Campaign: ‘F**k Society,’ ‘F**k the System,’ ‘F**k Wall St.’

Los Angeles, CA

USA network has released a set of attention-grabbing ads for the upcoming series Mr. Robot, which may be the most vulgar in the history of television.

Four new pieces of key art for the computer hacking drama, which are only expected to be seen online, boldly declare, “F—k Society,” “F—k Social Media,” “F—k Wall St.,” and “F—k the System.”

F-society F-social-media F-wall-st F-the-system

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new ads also serve as an accurate introduction to the series, which centers on an antisocial young computer programmer named Elliot, played by Rami Malek, who is only able to connect to people by hacking them.

Elliot is recruited to join an underground hacker organization determined to bring down corporate America by a mysterious anarchist named Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater.

Such controversial posters are becoming familiar territory for networks seeking to drum up buzz ahead of new series releases. The Fox network drama Backstrom unveiled a poster ahead of the show’s debut, which described Rainn Wilson’s character as a “Brilliant Detective. Total D–k.”

The FX’s sci-fi series The Strain also turned heads with a billboard that featured a graphic photo of a worm coming out of a person’s eyeball. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network later changed the billboards.

Mr. Robot will debut June 24 on USA.

Check out the trailer below: