Simon Cowell Wants Investigation of Dog Act After Britain’s Got Talent Finale

Los Angeles, CA

Britain’s Got Talent crowned its 2015 winners Sunday night, but a seething Simon Cowell is questioning the authenticity of their act, and wants an investigation, after contestant Jules O’Dwyer revealed Monday she used a stunt dog for her final performance.

O’Dwyer and her Border Collie Matisse performed a cops and robbers routine that concluded with a doggy tight rope walk, reports the Telegraph, which beat magician Jamie Raven’s act for the £250,000 prize.

Watch Jules and Matisse:

The problem: Matisse is apparently afraid of heights, so Jules used a stunt dog for that part of he act; something both viewers and Cowell were unaware of.

The big winner said Monday on British television: “Matisse is a bit afraid of heights so although he could officially do it, Chase is the action dog, so he plays the double.”

Now, scores of fans are upset and have called in to the network to complain, and among those sharing that sentiment of anger is Cowell, who is a judge on the contest.

The Telegraph reports O’Dwyer used a total of three Border Collies, Skippy, Chase and Matisse in her auditions and semi-final rounds, and now insists that swapping Matisse for Chase in the final was not cheating the public.

“I was just putting on a show – it was not my intention to deceive people. We have never hidden the fact we have used a multitude of dogs. I chose to split the act up so as not to overwork my dogs,” O’Dwyer later said.

Still, among those who feel misled is the music mogul, who was shocked to see O’Dwyer and the dog complete the act, according to reports.

Cowell has reportedly ordered a full investigation as to why he was not informed of the doggy double by producers, and an insider said: “He is shocked and angry. He had no idea.”

According to the Daily Mail, another person close to the show said of Cowell’s anger at the situation, “heads could roll.”

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