Busta Rhymes Arrested for Assault After Throwing Protein Shake at Gym Employee’s Head


Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault at a New York City gym Wednesday night after he allegedly threw a protein shake at a gym employees head, reports Rolling Stone.

According to witnesses, Rhymes was involved in a verbal disagreement with a Steele Gym employee on Tuesday after his videographer was denied access into the training facility to record the rapper’s workout.

Rhymes and the front desk employee reportedly butted heads the following day regarding the same incident, which resulted in the rapper buying a chocolate flavored protein drink.

Sources reported Busta splashed water on the employee, who splashed him back, just before the dispute escalated to the point to which the rapper allegedly tossed his protein shake at the employee.

Police arrived on scene later and charged Busta with second-degree assault, per Rolling Stone.

“It’s stupid,” the rapper told NBC News 4 reporters after his arrest.

Busta was released Thursday morning, but has been ordered to appear in court on November 6.

The rapper’s attorney, Scott Leemon, told the New York Daily News the entire ordeal is petty, and he believes someone is trying to take advantage of his client.

“It’s ridiculous; it was literally a bottle of muscle milk,” he said. “He did nothing wrong. This is a bunch of bull.”

After he was released from jail Thursday, Busta let his followers on Instagram know he isn’t phased by the incident, and that he plans to use the altercation as fuel in the studio to “turn the bullshit into GREATNESS.”