Rapper Ice-T’s Wife Coco Says All Women Should be Submissive: ‘I’m His Slave’

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Former rapper and reality TV star Ice-T appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday with his wife Coco, where the couple revealed private details of their marriage. Coco’s secret to being a good wife: submit to your man.

“I think all women should do it,” she confessed. “I’m a slave to him. It has been 15 years and it has worked out.”

Ice-T, who currently stars on Law & Order: SVU, quickly jumped in to defend his wife’s remarks, saying she does it “out of choice” because “she’s into that.”

The former glamour model is six months pregnant with the couple’s first child, but her tiny baby bump makes it hard for many to believe she’s even expecting.

“People think I am having a surrogate because there is nothing there, but it is there, guys! There is a lump there. See…,” she said, as she turned to her side.

Coco also revealed she has opted out of having a C-section, and has instead elected the regular “push method.”

When asked by the moderator if Ice-T would be surprising his wife with a “push present,” the actor said he doesn’t condone them.

“I’m not into push presents. I think that push presents are something rich people made up,” he said. “Black people don’t know nothing about no push presents. The baby is the present you should be happy with the baby.”

Ice and Coco airs on FOX Television Stations on weekdays.

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