Miley Cyrus Suffering from Obama Separation Anxiety…PS ‘Climate Change is F*cked’

AP Photo

Miley Cyrus used some of her social media energy this week to advocate for climate change on Instagram, where she complained of the upcoming “apocalypse,” and what she feels is not being done to prevent it.

The 22-year-old singer posted a photo Wednesday of President Obama holding a selfie stick on his recent trip to Alaska, where he recorded a video to highlight the supposed effects of climate change.

“Moments to remember of this generation: our president using a ‘selfie stick’ to discuss the end of civilization,” wrote Cyrus.

The Hill reports Obama visited Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park earlier this month and stopped at the Exit Glacier, which scientists argue is shrinking due to rising temperatures.

“We’ve been able to spend the day out here just learning more about how the glaciers are receding,” said Obama. “It’s a signpost of what’s happening with a changing climate…This is worth preserving.”

White House officials said Obama’s visit to the state was an opportunity for him to show Americans how the region has been affected by climate change.

Cyrus apparently took the President’s words to heart, and went after skeptics of his selfie stick.

“We’re talking about a possible apocalypse and your debating over a f*cking selfie apparatus?!?! I’m scared for/of you people,” she said, while also using the following tags: