Rich Get Richer: Merry Christmas! Your Cable Bill Is About to Go Up!

AP Photo/Matt Rourke
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The arrogance of the elite left-wingers who run the world’s multi-national entertainment companies knows no bounds. Even though the economy has stalled out with just 2% growth, even though middle class wages have stagnated for more than a decade, even though millions of cable customers have cut the cord and fled to streaming, because they will never be rich enough, these greedy Hollywood pirates still plan to stick it to tens of millions of everyday Americans with an increase in their already overpriced cable bills.

While facing a growing number of consumers who drop pay-TV for cheaper online alternatives, Time Warner Cable Inc., Comcast Corp., Dish Network Corp. and AT&T Inc. are all planning to increase their prices early next year — at the risk of turning off more subscribers fed up with the rising cost of television.

It’s part of the vicious circle at the heart of the U.S. media industry’s current troubles. To attract viewers who are migrating to Netflix Inc. and Inc., programmers are spending billions of dollars on developing scripted shows and on the rights to air sporting events — one of the last things that people still watch live. They are passing on those costs to cable- and satellite-TV providers by charging higher fees to carry their channels. Those providers, in turn, are passing on some of those costs to consumers.

Just in time for the holidays…

In the coming weeks, Time Warner Cable is raising its sports programming fee by $2.25 to $5 per month and its broadcast programming fee by $1 to $3.75. Comcast, the biggest U.S. cable company, will increase its broadcast fee by $1.75 to $5 and its regional sports fee by $2 to $3.

Hey, good news, you now get to pay even more money for dozens of channels you never watch.

Let me break this down one more time…

If you want to bring down both the Leftwing Hollywood Temple and the Leftwing Mainstream Media Temple, cut the damn cord.

Even though no one watches CNN or Comedy Central or MTV or MSNBC, even though nowhere near enough people watch ESPN to keep it profitable, they are all super-wealthy and vibrant and destroying our country, thanks primarily to you agreeing to pay an insanely high cable bill.

Did you know that almost HALF of Disney’s revenues come from these obscene cable fees. Half. Yes, the awful, hideous, immoral Walt Disney Company is twice as rich as it should be because you are forced to pay for something you never watch.

CNN cannot operate at the level is does with a half-million viewers and revenue coming in from only catheter commercials.

And you cannot put CNN out of business by not watching.

The cable game is rigged, it’s a racket, a con, a scheme, a massive tax on the middle class, because…

CNN and all of these other networks get a piece of your cable bill. Whether you watch or not, you are subsidizing their power to destroy our country.

It’s not the fault of the cable companies. In order to have access to certain networks, the multinationals that own those networks charge a fee that your cable provider must pass on to you.

For less than $20 a month you can subscribe to both Amazon and Netflix. Better yet, there are no commercials.

Everyone wins if you cut the cord, and evil loses.


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