Hollywood Mourns Celebrity Gun Deaths, Not a Peep About Using Guns in Violent Films


In an article titled “Hollywood’s Own Killing Fields,” David Robb at Deadline Hollywood mourned the firearm-related deaths of celebrities throughout the years and praised Obama’s new gun controls, but offered zero criticism of Hollywood’s ongoing use of firearm violence and death to rake in massive profit in films.

It was a throwback to gun-toting action star Liam Neeson’s criticism of U.S. gun laws–coupled with praise for Britain’s gun ban–with nary a word said about his own use of guns in Taken and Non-Stop.

Robb points to the deaths of “21-year-old My Sister Sam star Rebecca Schaeffer” in 1989, the shooting death of Selena in 1995, the murder of actor Haing Ngor in 1996, the 1997 “MPAA general counsel William J. Billick III,” the 1998 domestic violence death of Phil Hartman who was shot to death by his wife, and “publicist Ronni Chasen, shot to death in 2010 while driving her car through Beverly Hills after leaving the premiere of Burlesque.

And he cited others, including Bill Cosby’s son and rappers Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace.

Then Robb quoted Ice Cube saying, “America is built on the gun. America is in love with the gun. It’s a sick love affair. But it’s just hard to break.”

Robb observed: “No doubt, there will be more celebrity shooting deaths to cover in the days ahead. Like Ice Cube said, America is in love with the gun, and Hollywood is not immune to its tragic effects.” But they made no mention of the glorification of guns, violence, and death in Hollywood films. No mention of how the difference between winning and losing–on the big screen–often comes down to who is best armed.

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