Celebs Swoon Over Obama’s Last SOTU, Trash Republicans and Kim Davis


Hollywood was watching as President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Most celebrities heaped praise on the president and expressed regret that the address would be his last. Others took the opportunity to trash Republicans.

Check out the best reaction tweets from Hollywood below:

Kerry Washington, Amy Schumer, and Hillary superfan Ellen DeGeneres gushed over the president:

Zoe Saldana and Bill Maher seemed to take issue with Paul Ryan’s face:

Maria Shriver and Josh Gad got in shots at Republicans:

Michael Moore was Michael Moore:

Sarah Silverman made sure to remind everyone how much she hates religion:

Arsenio Hall mocked Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who said that she attended the State of the Union to provide encouragement to “all Christians who want to stay and make a difference.”

Others were genuinely hopeful about the president’s final year in office: