Report: Rihanna Cancelled Grammys Spot Following ‘Hysterical’ ‘Meltdown’

Los Angeles, CA

Rihanna’s last minute cancellation of a performance at Sunday’s Grammys was originally blamed on bronchitis; however, a new report claims the singer suffered a “meltdown” prior to her hasty exit from music’s biggest night.

Billboard reported Rhianna was scheduled to sing “Kiss It Better” off her new album Anti, but her doctor put her on vocal rest for 48 hours because she “was at risk of hemorrhaging her vocal cords,” according to a source.

She reportedly had been taking antibiotics for three days leading up to the event.

TMZ reports there might have been much more to the story, and the singer was overheard loudly expressing displeasure over her rehearsal by a number of sources, who claimed she was apparently upset.

Per the entertainment and gossip news site, there are conflicting versions about what exactly happened, but something triggered an “hysterical” outburst.

TMZ also notes Rihanna sang “flawlessly” at a Lionel Richie charity event two days before the Grammys and also sounded great in rehearsals.

The singer tweeted an apology for missing the show on Sunday: