Cher: ‘Trump Being in Charge of America Is Like Dracula Being in Charge of the Blood Bank’


Former pop queen Cher took aim on Twitter at one of her favorite targets, comparing GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to Bram Stoker’s late-19th century literary creation Dracula.

Cher, a supporter of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, expressed concern that supporters of Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders could somehow be helping Trump’s candidacy.

“BERNIE ‘DIE HARD’ SUPPORTERS COULD ‘HELP’ DONALD TRUMP B PRES?!” the 69-year-old singer tweeted on Tuesday in her unique, all-caps-lock style. “TRUMP BEING IN CHARGE OF [AMERICA], IS LIKE DRACULA BEING IN CHARGE OF THE BLOOD BANK.”

Cher has relentlessly attacked Trump on social media almost since the beginning of his presidential campaign, though in October, she called the New York billionaire a “giant” among the GOP field.

The former Sonny and Cher singer and Oscar-winning actress continued her criticism of Trump this week, calling him a “racist, misogynist, bully and creep” who is “acting a part” and “portraying a character.”

Although Cher has been a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, she admitted earlier this month that she is “torn” between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, whom she says she shares “MUCH common ground with.”

Interestingly, Cher once compared another national Republican candidate to Dracula: 2012 vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, whom the singer said “looks like Dracula” in an anti-Mitt Romney campaign ad ahead of that year’s election.

In other Cher-related news: Cher: The Musical, a stage play based on the singer’s life, may be headed to Broadway in the near future.


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