Jeff Bridges: ‘I Don’t Dig Trump’

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Actor Jeff Bridges endorsed Democratic presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and blasted the “shocking” candidacy of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in a recent interview. 

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Bridges said he’s “fascinated” by the GOP White House hopeful, but was quick to add that he doesn’t “dig Trump or follow what he has to say.”

Instead, the 66-year-0ld Big Leboswki star said he’s a “Hillary supporter.”

“I don’t go the Trump way,” Bridges told the Daily Beast.

The actor, who also the runs the No Kid Hungry campaign, a charity fighting to end child hunger in America, said it’s “it’s really shocking and like being splashed with cold water to see what America is really like.”

“As an actor, I like playing the underbelly of our society and seeing our darker sides,” he told the outlet. “We have a lot of fear in this country, and fear can motivate us to do some frightening things — as it’s done in other countries as well.”

Meanwhile, Bridges said that it is “wonderful” that America is gearing up to nominate its first female presidential candidate.

“Culturally, we can benefit by bringing women into the mix. We’ve had this patriarchal thing going on for long enough,” he told the Beast. “Women are so, maybe this is just a male perspective, but for my money, they’re so connected to life in a way that men aren’t. They’re able to give birth, have children, and it’s literally a part of them. They perhaps have a stronger capacity for caring than males.”

The Oscar-winning actor frequently weighs in on politics.

In 2011, Bridges appeared on CNN and said “Obama’s the man.” Four months earlier, the actor said he has “a lot of faith” in Obama, who he said is doing “as best he can” doing “the toughest job in the world.”

In 2012, Bridges attended both the Republican and Democratic national conventions in an effort to campaign to end childhood hunger. He performed with his band Jeff Bridges & The Abiders at CarolinaFest, which was part of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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