Former Miramax Employee Alleges Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In Company’s Basement

Harvey Weinstein, film producer and co-chairman of The Weinstein Company, is shown in New York on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011. Weinstein's latest films include "The Artist," and "My Week with Marilyn," starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. (AP Photo/John Carucci)
AP Photo/John Carucci

A former Miramax employee alleged in an interview published by the Daily Mail Saturday that disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein raped her in the basement of the company’s office in London in the 1990s.

The women, who was identified as Ms. Smith and chose not to reveal her true identity, told the outlet that she had been a Miramax employee for three years when the alleged rape took place and that she was in her 20s at the time.

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Recalling the day of the alleged rape, Ms Smith, now in her 50s, said: ‘I was there on my own when he came to the office. He went down to the basement [containing a bedroom for visiting employees from the US] and he called my name. I went down – he was standing there with nothing on. I started to back away.

He grabbed me and he was so big and powerful. He just ripped my clothes away and pushed me, threw me down. Then… I kept shouting, “No! Stop!” and tried to push him off. But he forced himself on me.

Smith said the alleged rape left her “mortified and ashamed,” which is one reason why she waited 25 years to reveal the details of her story.

Smith’s claims come on the heels of a report about British actress Lysette Anthony, who alleges Weinstein raped her at her London home in the late 1980s. The Metropolitan Police are reportedly investigating Anthony’s claims.

Ready the full report about Smith’s allegations against Weinstein at the Daily Mail here.

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