Top Five Reasons Non-Leftists Shouldn't Take Interviews with Mediaite's Tommy Christopher

Journalists deserve to be treated with respect. Liberals deserve to be treated with respect. But leftist bullies… Well, they deserve nothing more than to be treated like the bullies they are. Because behind the press pass and race-baiting questions, that’s all they are: partisan bullies.

Tommy Christopher is a little more than just an “unabashed liberal.” Juan Williams never called me a “teabagger.” And for some reason, the guy on record repeatedly denigrating what was the Tea Party spirit of CPAC 2010 with sexual, pornographic slurs, was sent to cover CPAC 2010. For your perusal, a quick Top Five:


5. April 11th, 2009 – Headline: At the Tea-Baggers’ Meeting: Brainwashing Devices Are Coming

I was all set to write about how the media’s mockery of the “Tea Party Movement,” re-dubbed “Tea-bagging” by the sexual-slang-ignorant Griff Jenkins, is threatening to turn the sac-obsessed revolutionaries into sympathetic figures. I mean, we get it. Tea-bagging has 2 meanings. Actually, it really only has one.

But then, Political Machine trollbuster Cube sent me this video, which is too good to pass up. I’ll scold my fellows tomorrow. Today, we feast on tea-baggy awesomeness. The fun really starts at about the 3:30 mark.

4. April 15th, 2009 — Headline: Tea-Baggers Clash With Counter-Protesters in DC

You can give Christopher the benefit of the doubt on this one because he might not write his own headli–Oh, wait, that very same day:

3. April 15th, 2009: And I’ll be posting a confrontation between teabaggers and counter-protesters later today.

And here he is on Mediaite the week before CPAC:

2. February 9th, 2010: Look, it’s a free country, you’re allowed to say “retard,” but I’m also allowed to say you’re a gutless jerk for it, and I’m also allowed to say that Sarah Palin can take her crocodile tears for the families of the disabled and dip some tea bags in ’em. Apparently, those folks will swallow anything.

Is anyone surprised that all of this arrogant contempt for everyday Americans who simply disagree with Christopher on the size and scope of the federal government culminated in Reason #1with someone who automatically equates “pimp” with “black” to project his own prejudices onto others.

What do you say to people who think James’ selection of a pimp costume has racial overtones?”

Kevin McCullough warned us about Christopher’s nasty and unprofessional “gotcha” tactics from his own experience with him at CPAC 2009. So what happened at 2010 doesn’t appear to be a fluke.

And what did McCoullough get for calling Christopher out? He got called a “Nobody Dickbag.”

I must say again that being at CPAC and seeing firsthand how these people operate was a revelation, and a reminder that those engaged in the war to expose and defeat them are fighting the most righteous of wars.