HuffPo's Editorial Omission Smears Tancredo

Oooooh. I’m so frightened, and it’s not even Halloween yet.

The Huffington Post mocked Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman, now American Constitution party candidate for governor of Colorado, as a bigoted (“a healthy dislike for anything remotely Hispanic”) man of tempestuous character (“one of the larger anger-grizzlies”) with a bent for bombastic rhetoric (“We are, unfortunately, becoming a bilingual nation. You also have to also wonder about loyalties.”).

Here’s what’s scary: HuffPo’s forte for taser-tag journalism, a.k.a. the ‘art’ of taking sophomoric, cheap shots at political dissidents, ObamaCare naysayers, FOBs (Friends of Breitbart), opponents of comprehensive immigration reform, and never debating the issues.

Since the attacks, with these shallow scribes, are frequently about faux personality quirks, it’s no surprise that they would never mention one of The Tanc’s most endearing traits – that of a passionate victim rights advocate.

Watch this poignant video, featuring Marat Kudlis, a legal immigrant and Centennial State resident, which dramatically begins: “An illegal alien crashed into a Baskin Robbins store and killed my 3 year old son, Marten. The illegal alien had been arrested sixteen times but never turned over to immigration, because of the sanctuary city policies that [Denver] Mayor Hickenlooper supports.” (The latter is the Democrat nominee for governor.)

[youtube NHkoE7csqjc nolink]

The ad ends with this dad’s enthusiastic expression of support for Tancredo’s gubernatorial campaign.

It’s hardly the first time, and it won’t be the last that Tom T. has advocated for those individuals who have paid the ultimate price due to our unsecure borders and unfettered immigration policies.

In fact, I’m pleased to disclose, Tancredo is also a contributor to the booklet I recently edited, The Victims of Illegal Immigration, in which he takes note of two women – Patricia Guntharp and Debra Serecky – who also died in the same accident that killed little Marten.

The no-one-is-above-the-law viewpoint of the alternative media may very well be the last best place where these victims have a public voice, because amnesty’s supporters have deep pockets and many allies in the statist media. The ‘but they only come here to work’ mantra is parroted by such entities as the ACLU, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Council of La Raza, the NAACP, the National Restaurant Association, the Society of American Florists, and even the National Association of Evangelicals, to name a few.

In a sane world – one in which bleeding-heart liberals, especially media types, cared about all victims of crime equally – a Tom Tancredo would be celebrated.

Instead, he has had to pay a price for his support of American sovereignty and his criticism of multiculturalism. Not only is he derided as a rogue politico, but he has been silenced. Remember when students and professors at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill, didn’t allow him to continue his speech (about in-state tuition for illegal aliens)? The campus police had to break up the fracas that ensued.

See the clip:

[youtube m5cIUZsl9fM nolink]

Despite it all, Tom Tancredo embodies a ‘can do’ attitude, and he may very well become Colorado’s next governor.

Imagine all the e-screeching that will ensue from the Huffy Posters if that occurs.

(Avert your eyes!)